Fighting Fate in The Order of Chaos


The Order of Chaos

By Lyra Wolf

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Speculative Fiction/Mythology Retelling

QUILTBAG Main Character: Yes

QUILTBAG Minor Character: Yes

Main Character of Color: No

Bechdel Test: Yes

Summary: Loki’s back. Let Ragnarok begin.

For five hundred years, the gods have left Loki trapped, tortured in a dark cave with nothing but pain and revenge to urge him to survive. Now freed, he’s ready to give the gods what they deserve: the end of their carefully constructed life. The end of everything.

Mere hours after kicking off Ragnarok, however, the gods reveal a surprise that has Loki reeling. Suddenly, the end doesn’t have that certain shine it did. The end is really fucking nigh. Can Loki prevent the end before it’s too late? Does he really even want to, knowing what he does now?

Let’s Get A Little Deep:

If you’ve been here for a while, you already know that I’m fully obsessed with Lyra Wolf’s works. In her beautifully detailed world, we see the gods as both people in their own right with complicated feelings and goals, and also beings who are just larger-than-life enough to remember that they are, in fact, gods. 

Loki has been trapped deep in a cave for five hundred years. The endless dripping of the serpent’s poison, the feeling of his bonds made of his own children, the knowledge of the love of his life’s dead corpse being carried off by the gods: these are Loki’s only companions. It’s enough to make anyone mad. It’s enough to make one want to become exactly what they always said you were. Now freed, Loki is ready to show the gods exactly what they were afraid of. All he needs is to kick this party off. What better way to do so with a little bit of mistletoe into the heart of everyone’s favorite god? But no sooner has Loki acted than Odin reveals that there is one very good reason for Loki to want to prevent Ragnarok afterall. Is it possible to escape fate? Does Loki even want to, even knowing what he does now?

I centered my weakness for fall arcs in my review of Truth & Other Lies. In the first book, we watched helplessly as Loki fell victim to fate and the fear of fate. Now, he’s stopped trying to be better than what others have thought of him. He’s gone into his full Villian Era, with the grinning viciousness and reckless disregard for others that make him such a potent enemy. And while it’s always fun to watch a slighted villian go off the rails, there is something equally satisfying to me as a certified villain fan: when something jerks their rampage to a screeching halt. Loki finds that maybe he still wants to fight fate after all.

Once you start down the path fate has laid out for you, is it possible to find a way out of it? Is it possible to make choices that fate doesn’t expect? Is fate even real? Loki spends a good chunk of the novel being convinced that prophecy and fate don’t mean shit, at least not to him. He’s always thought he was his own creature, something that couldn’t be reigned in, not even by fate. But every step he takes, every action to try and outwit prophecy, only seems to bring said prophecy closer. 

Fate and prophecy play a massive role in Norse mythology. Such things are, understandably, captivating to us, the mortal audience. Maybe we like to blame fate, saying that things were always foretold. Or maybe we don’t believe in fate, saying that there is no order in the universe, only Chaos. Loki certainly buys into the latter philosophy. He spits in the face of fate. But the internal conflict, the thing that Loki won’t admit to anyone, ever, is that there is sometimes comfort in thinking our choices are always made for us. Sometimes, we maybe even want that fate despite knowing it will harm us. Despite knowing it will harm others. Because giving in is easy and fighting fate, as Loki knows, is exhausting.

This push and pull of wanting to give in to fate and searching for ways to avoid it make up the heart of this novel. The reader is on the edge of their seat as they hope and pray that Loki will make the right choices, even as we know that he will ultimately do what he wants and what is best for him. It is a captivating read that is impossible to put down.

The Order of Chaos is out now. With book three out now, there’s never been a better time to start this fantastic series!

Thanks for going a little deep with me! I post reviews every other Thursday. Did you love The Order of Chaos? Leave a comment telling me if you believe in fate. You can also find me on Instagram @booked.with.grace and on Twitter @gwasserst! Special thanks to Yasi (@ynbushehri) for editing my posts.

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